Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review for the Geonosian Starfighter set

This set is a remake of an older "bug" starfighter that they made in about 2002/03 without the geonosian cannon. The only major complaint I have is that it should have been only about $25.00.
First, the ship itself is quite nice with really great "swooshability" and an uncommon color scheme. It comes with an uncommon bubble cockpit piece and a little jet engine in the back.The gun that you see on the front sandwiched between the prongs of the ship rotates side to side. Inside the cockpit is space for the geonosian and a little control panel. The cockpit isn't studded so the pilot is much easier to put in and remove then pilots in other starships/planes that the LEGO group has designed. One thing that you might be surprised at is that there is a space in between the engine and the gun mount. The ship also has a small bomb bay on the belly that holds one orange rocket. If you push the edge of the bomb bay with your finger the bomb drops out.
The minifigs are really the best thing with this set.
Cody is a harder minifigure to get your hands on if you couldn't afford [like me ;-)] or just didn't buy the LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship from 2008. He comes with a full set of grey ARC armor[2 helmet lights,2 rangefinders,a kama, and a visor].
Ki-Adi-Mundi is a unique and rare minifig. Only Mundi has his head,head addition,and torso. For those of you who were expecting the first Mundi fig' to have an extended head piece like he has in the LEGO Star Wars games too bad. He instead has a very detailed head attachment with a ponytail. He also comes with a blue lightsaber.
The Geonosian Pilot is another unique figure. His all new head,torso,and legs are all exclusive to his minifig.They are also VERY detailed.
Pros and Cons:
bomb bay
bubble cockpit
rare colored pieces
Geonosian Pilot
Mundi's head "hat"
it really should be $25.00.
Suggestions: Could you maybe make a new sonic blaster piece, LEGO designers?
For collectors: A MUST for the figs': 10/10
For kids: They aren't going to be to crazy about it by itself: 6/10
For parents: Not so great: 5/10
For the bricks: Lots of rarer colors and the cockpit canopy: 10/10
Over all the overalls: 8/10

P.S. I also recommend the LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. I got some of my information about the minifigs from it.

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