Monday, January 9, 2012

Review for Lego Star Wars 3 Xbox360

O.k. I had this game pre-ordered and got it the day it came out. I have beaten all of the levels. From Geonosian Arena to Zillo beast, and must say THIS GAME ROCKS!
O.k to start with, the graphics are very good (lego game or not). The game play is very good!!!! Some challenging puzzles and also some BIG battles really gives this game an A+ ! Now I am going to go through and give you a piece by piece review of the game.
Main levels:
Very good levels ! some of the levels such as duel of the droids had challenging aspects that really do require you to think. Some new special moves such as lightsaber throwing, lightsaber wall cutting, lightsaber wall jumping, repeating chainguns( they rock), and rocket launchers give this game a new feel from the older lego games. Lego Is now trying to incorporate puzzles into things that used to be straight foreward and I like it a lot! For instance you have to remember a certain sequence in order to use Protocol Droid panels. Also, the Bounty Hunter levels are very difficult. They are a great challenge tho'.
Hub levels
O.k. the Resolute is totally awesome. I really like the open feel to the ship, and the way you can hyperdrive from place to place. Another new feature that they didn't use much in the older games or the Lego Indy games was the way you must collect gold bricks to unlock more of the Hub.(SPOILER)!!!!!! The way you can travel over to the Invisable Hand is really really cool! It took my awhile to figure out how to go to it but once I did it was worth it!!!!
Massive battles:
These really really really rock a lot !!! Being able to go from Driving a bad to the bone RX-2000 tank to using a even more bad to the bone canon makes this a really cool feature! The ability to hijack enemy vehicles/emplacements is one of my favorite things about these battles! The way you can lead squads of clones or battle droids into battle is quite well done and really can turn the tide of battle ! The time limits on the ground invasions makes it very hard( even for an experienced gamer like me!)! There is one little obnoxious glitch in these battles though, If you are in a ground emplacement and there is a vehicle next to it the Y button will start flashing above the vehicle. If you try and press Y to change over to the vehicle It won't change over OR get you out of the ground item. The only way to get out (if the vehicle isn't moving) is to tag another player and have them move the vehicle.
O.k. the characters in this game are better made then ever before! One new feature is that the blaster are now "realistic" style blasters not megaphones with red studs on the front!! There is a wide range of abilities and weapons that make the characters one of the best parts of the game! One of the only problems that I have with the game so far is (SPOILER!!!) when you try to unlock a character from the brig they sometimes die while you try to buy them ( if play the game you will see why) and then they disappear until you get out of the game back to the main menu and get back in.
They are all very well designed and work well. period. The pirate tank is one of my favorites. It has a ton of power and moves at a good pace. One question for the Lego Company: why isn't there a clone turbo tank in this game!!! The clone Turbo Tank is one of my favorite vehicles in StarWars and it appears to have been omitted from this game.
Overall the vehicle really add something very nice to this game.
Last but not least Bonus Content:
The minikits are very well done as usual, and I like the way they make a playable character once you complete it. The true jedi is very challenging in some levels and really adds an aspect of difficulty to the game. The 130 gold brick structure is a tad sad...... I wont say what it is tho'.
I definitely recommend this game.It is very massive and will require some time to complete. The value for money is VERY HIGH! One last thing and then I'm done: I'm dissapointed it doesn't appear that this game has a level builder!?! What happened with that? Please don't get rid f the level builder!! Keep putting it in games! It makes the games keep going and going even after you have gotten 100%! It's still a good game even without the level builder though so don't let that keep you from buying it.
P.s. sorry about the past tense mixing with the present tense. I was pasting it from a review I wrote when the game came out,and I didn't have time to fix it all.

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