Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review for Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Battle Droid Battle Pack

So I finally caught up with all the Lego SW nuts out there and bought this set!

This set is very very nice! I'll start my review with the Minifigs:

This set's Figs are really pretty good.
The ARC Trooper has an extreme amount of detailing, and his new fabric ARC armor is very nice. He also comes with a red visor( to be more precise he comes with four rangefinders and four visors :-O). He also comes with two scoped pistols.

The ARF Trooper is a new paint scheme an the ARF trooper from the older Clone B-Pack from 2011. His helmet is actually more detailed than the older one. His torso is just regular clone trooper torso with red arms. His weapon is a "standard issue" black rifle.

The two commando droids are identical, they both come with a regular blaster. Their paint scheme appears to be all new, and their legs are the same shape as super battle droids. These guys appear to have some sort of badge on their torso( the little red dot ).

Actually the minifigs really aren't my favorite part of this set. The cannon is absolutely superb! I can't tell you how great this is. The barrel part goes up and down while the legs only go side to side. The little feet go down but the range is limited. The flick missile is one of the best!! It actually has a "trigger" unlike most. It's not actually a trigger but a thicker rod that you flick hard. For some reason it is easier to hit than a flick missiles shaft. Once the missile launcher gets broken in you can probably get some serious range! The only thing that bugs me is the little clear piece at the bottom. Its just in the way! If you don't like it though, just take it off!


Kids: 10/10
Collectors: 10/10 ( the figs)
For Bricks: 4/10
For the Build: 3/10
Price: 7/10 ( back to ten bucks please )
Over-ALL: 9/10

This set is really a must have for any collector or kid!

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